Episode 5 – Come Meet Science!

Previously, on LJ’s Trip
LJ and Cambot get in trouble with the boss man, Mr. Archer, for ruining the history of the world and inadvertently creating an evil mutant version of Houdini with a drill for an arm. Ruining the history of the world — not such a big deal. But a steampunked super-villian with a hard-on for violence — makes for good television! With his show in danger, what’s LJ to do?!

Episode 2 – The Origin of Toolz

Que paso, Trippers?! It’s monday again so here are 5 minutes of high octane happiness to brighten your day! This week, Cambot and I trip back to paradise and learn all about the first tool. We made some new friends and learned a bit about ancient fashion, too! Check it out!