LJ’s Trip is the only time traveling TV show! Follow LJ (Elliot Jay) and his camera robot (CAMBOT) as they trip through time visiting important moments in history!

“LJ’s Trip” was made by all these great people:

Joel Stigliano, Drew O’Brian, Lea Blair, Ben Guenther, Beth Miller, Allie McCarthy, Matt Marceau, Rachel Collins, Lindsey Summers, Cole Woodruff, Lowell Jacobs and Vanilla Ice.

Ben Guenther

Matt Brunson, Mike Gray

Director of Photography
Chris Lange

Casting Director
Allie McCarthy

Line Producer
Sajjad Haider

Sound Recordists
Brian Leisring, Riley Gibson, Danilo Cortes

Boom Operators
Christy Illius, Neha Beklavar

Tim Jackson, Matt Fillmore, Fernando Salinas, Josh Young

Make Up
Timmara Bruce

Wardrobe Design
Rebbeca Whittington

Prop Masters/Art Direction
Cody Vandenberg, Gavin Farnsworth, Matt Brunson, Mike Gray

Sound Design
Matt Brunson, Mike Gray

Original Music/Sound Mixing
Mike Gray

Matt Brunson, Mike Gray

Visual Effects
Matt Brunson

Craft Services
Eclipse Company Town, Fluff Bakery

Sound ADR and Mix
Peterson Sound Studio

Featuring Music By:
Bert Kaempfert, Deadmau5, Ice Choir, and many more!

Shot on Location in Athens, OH, Nelsonville, OH. RTV Building @ Ohio University. Robbins Crossing in Nelsonville. The Union Bar and Grill. Kennedy Art Museum.

Shot on Sony EX3

Annie Howell, Steve Ross, Tom Hayes, John Butler, Jenny Nelson, Jack Wright, Noah Cline, Lloyd Brunson, Sandra Brunson, Mike’s Mom (hey mike, what is your mom’s name?) OU School of Film, OU School of Theatre, Petland of Athens, OH.